Hospitalist Program

When you are admitted to Matagorda Regional Medical Center, your primary care physician may have asked a special group of physicians, called Hospitalists, to care for you.

Hospitalists are available to care for patients of local physicians who have decided to limit their practices to outpatient medicine, patients with out-of-town physicians, patients who do not have an established primary care physician or physicians who do not have admitting privileges at Matagorda Regional Medical Center.

Hospitalists are physicians who devote their practice to the specialized care of hospitalized patients. They are trained in Family Practice, General Medicine, Geriatrics and Internal Medicine, and see hospitalized patients who have been referred from community primary care physicians, emergency room physicians, or other physicians at the hospital. The hospitalist manages your course of care through the hospital, closely monitoring your progress and staying in close touch with you, your family and your primary care physician.

If your primary care physician has requested that a hospitalist be in charge of your care during your hospital stay, your hospitalist team will enable your primary care physician to be more available to you in the office, and will allow you to be seen by a physician that specializes in inpatient medicine while you are hospitalized. You will see your regular physician soon after discharge from the hospital.

How does the Hospitalist program work?

Because they practice solely at Matagorda Regional Medical Center, your Hospitalist is never more than a few minutes away. The Hospitalist will be in charge of your care and will see you every day to direct treatment. You may be seen more than once throughout the day to follow-up on test results and adjust your treatment regimen as necessary. The Hospitalist may consult other physician specialists to participate in your care as well. The Hospitalist will arrange for any prescriptions you may need when you are discharged. You will be given instructions regarding follow-up appointments with your primary care physician, or other physicians, at discharge.

The Hospitalist will ensure that your hospital records will be in your primary care physician’s hands well before your first follow- up visit. Since hospitalists do not have an outpatient practice, you will not have an appointment to see the hospitalist again after discharge. Your Hospitalist is available through the hospital operator to you and your family after discharge, until your first follow-up appointment with your physician. You may contact the Hospitalist after discharge if you have any questions about the hospital stay. The Hospitalist will bill your insurance company for their services. They will bill you for your portion of the service (deductibles and co-payments), if any.

How does the Hospitalist know about me?

Hospitalists talk to primary care physicians frequently. At the time of your admission to the hospital, your primary care physician or ER physician calls the Hospitalist to inform them of your condition, and sends records to provide information about your illness. The process is similar to what your physician does when he refers you to a specialist for another opinion or additional tests or treatment. During the course of your hospitalization, your Hospitalist and primary care physician may talk further regarding your treatment. At discharge, your Hospitalist will communicate with your primary care physician to discuss your further treatment needs and arrange follow-up. Your hospital records will be sent automatically to your primary care physician.

What if I don’t have a regular primary care physician?

The Matagorda Regional Medical Center Hospitalists, or other staff at the hospital, can assist in finding a physician for you to see after leaving the hospital. A complete list of local active staff physicians/practitioners will be provided to you so you can choose a physician of your choice. Records from your hospital stay can be sent to this physician.

How do I contact my Hospitalist?

An important benefit of the Hospitalist service is increased availability. Your Hospitalist is here to explain and respond in person to you and your family. During critical and stressful moments, your Hospitalist will be there to provide timely, honest, and considerate answers to all questions. If you would like to speak with one of the Hospitalists while you or a member of your family is in the hospital, simply ask the nurse caring for you to page the Hospitalist.